The SYBARIUS Association

SYBARIUS assists Belgian and foreign companies (multinationals, SMEs., independent businessmen and individuals or entities governed by public law) at all stages in the development of their activities: counsel, contract negotiation, dispute resolution (judicial and extrajudicial).

SYBARIUS offers legal services in the following five areas of practice :

The SYBARIUS lawyers carry out their activities in the usual business languages (French, Dutch, English, Spanish and German) and contribute to scientific activities through their attendance at conferences and through publications.

SYBARIUS assists its clients at all stages of their activities. The SYBARIUS lawyers are experts in business law and pay particular attention to the economic and commercial aspects of the cases handled and to the quality of the legal services they provide.

SYBARIUS is as flexible entity and is able to respond to the specific requirements of its clients. SYBARIUS is also a member of a network of international correspondents through whom it can help its clients in Belgium and abroad.