The Sybarius Name

SYBARIUS is the English name of the city of Sybaris, a Greek colony founded in southern Italy about 720 BC which became the most influential city in Magna Græcia. Rich, prosperous and with some 300,000 inhabitants, Sybaris was famous for its quality of life, luxury and gastronomy. Sybaris is now known as Sibari (Italy)

The first system of intellectual property rights in History appeared in Sybaris. This was described by Athenaeus of Naucratis in Deipnosophistae (the Banquet of the Learned): « if a chef invented new and succulent recipes, none of his fellow chefs was authorized to put them into practice for one year and he alone had the privilege of freely preparing his dish: the declared aim of this was to encourage the other chefs to compete by producing even more refined dishes” (book 12, chapter 20).

Intellectual property rights have traditionally been at the heart of the activities of the SYBARIUS law firm (previously the Association Remiche & Ferrant, created from the law office of Mr. Louis Van Bunnen and, before him, of Mr. Jean Favart). For this reason, SYBARIUS chose a name evocative of the historical roots of this branch of law.

SYBARIUS also includes the Latin word « IUS », meaning « the law », the essence of the lawyer profession.