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Anne-Véronique Stainier has been practising tax law at the Brussels Bar since 1990.

She advises her clients, comprising Belgian and foreign companies and private individuals on all matters of Belgian and international taxation: direct taxation (income tax) and indirect (VAT, registration taxes, inheritance taxes, etc.).

Anne-Véronique Stainier assists companies particularly during restructuration (mergers and acquisitions, (partial and international) divisions, buy-back of shares, asset acquisitions, establishment of joint ventures, liquidations, etc.), financial operations (intra-group), property transactions (form of acquisition, property deeds, SICAFI [fixed capital real estate investment trust], etc.) on transfer prices, remuneration scales for managers and company directors (split payroll, deferred remuneration, reimbursement of expenses paid on behalf of the employer, benefits of any kind, special regime for foreign managers and directors deployed in Belgium, pension plans, profit-sharing schemes by share allocations (stock options), workers participation schemes, management consultants, etc.).

She also advises on national or international taxation planning operations.

Anne-Véronique Stainier advises her private individual clients particularly on the restructuring of their estate, the organisation of their succession, transfer of residence and asset management.

She conducts the defence of her clients’ interests before the Belgian fiscal authorities (anticipated decisions - rulings, administrative phase of tax litigation, etc.) as well as in court and before tribunals (judicial phase of tax litigation), including that before the High Court.

She assists her clients with their various tax obligations (submission of corporate tax declaration, also those for private individuals, or for legal entities (resident or non-resident), in respect of VAT, etc.).

Anne-Véronique Stainier is the author of numerous publications on taxation. She is regularly invited to speak at seminars.

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