ybarius provides support for economic players (multinationals, SMEs, business owners and public entities), located in Belgium and abroad, at all stages of development of their activities: advice, contract negotiation, dispute resolution through legal proceedings or out-of-court procedures.

The lawyers at SYBARIUS undertake their work in the usual business languages (French, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese) and contribute to scientific thinking through their participation in conferences and in publications.

SYBARIUS assists clients at all stages of development of their business. Specialising in business law, the lawyers at SYBARIUS are particularly concerned with economic and commercial aspects of the cases handled and the quality of the services provided.

SYBARIUS boasts a flexible structure, able to meet the specific needs of its clients.


Sybarius’ main fields of expertise

Propriete Intellectuelle

Intellectual property and market practices

Since founding, intellectual property has been one of the main areas of activity for Sybarius.
Nouvelles technologies et données à caractère personnel

New technologies and personal data

This field of expertise covers all legal aspects relating to new technologies and digital technology in the broadest sense of the word (website creation, domain name registration, development and maintenance contracts for software or databases, SaaS licensing agreements, internet ranking and listing, IT system security and protection of personal data, etc.).

Corporate and association law – Commercial law

Sybarius offers legal and economic advice and support at all stages of a company’s life cycle, from its incorporation to its sale, restructuring, liquidation or bankruptcy.
Droit de

Bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency law

Sybarius provides advice and assistance to companies in difficulty as well as to their directors, both for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of their activities as well as supporting them through collective insolvency proceedings (court-ordered reorganisation, company mediation or even bankruptcy).

Real Estate Law

This area of expertise relates to the rules and regulations applicable to real estate: leases, construction, problems with neighbours, sale of property, damage, etc.
Droit Bancaire

Banking and Finance Law

Sybarius assists banking and credit institutions as well as companies and consumers with most aspects relating to banking and finance law, whether it be at a consultation or litigation stage.
Droit De La Responsabilité

Tort/Liability Law

Tort/liability law related to the obligation on the part of the wrongdoer to repair the damage, be that physical, pecuniary or non-pecuniary, that they might cause others. Sybarius assists clients who have suffered injury through the wrongful act of another party and helps them to obtain fair compensation.

Tax law

Sybarius advises its Belgian and international corporate clients and private individuals in all aspects of direct and indirect Belgian and international taxation.

Criminal law and Business Criminal Law

Sybarius advises its clients (corporate clients and private individuals, Belgian and international) in all aspects of criminal law (criminal proceedings, business criminal law, criminal labour law, etc.).
Droit Du Travail

Labour law

Need expertise in labour law? Sybarius will guide you through the legal complexities of the business world.
Droit Familial

Family law

We are available to assist you through the legal complexities of divorce, child custody, maintenance allowance payments, etc.

ADR and Third party binding decision

Sybarius has accredited mediators certified by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission for work in civil, commercial and family matters.