SYBARIUS assists its clients at all stages of the development of their activities. As specialists in business law, the SYBARIUS lawyers pay particular attention to the economic and commercial aspects of each case and to the quality of the service they provide.

The services provided by SYBARIUS will incur payments of fees and expenses. The fees are to remunerate the work performed by the lawyer: meetings, telephone conversations, case study, research of legal information (legal doctrine and case law), drafting of legal opinions, identification of objectives and methods, examination of correspondence, the drafting of correspondence, contracts, documents for proceedings (petitions, statements, etc.), written or verbal communication of advices, negotiation of transactions, on the spot visits and participation during experts' evaluations, and court hearings…

The amount of fees is calculated according to an hourly rate agreed at the beginning of each case. The hourly rate amount depends on the nature and complexity of each case and on the expertise required to deal with each case. The degree of urgency and the amount involved (success fee) may also be taken into account

In some instances, the hourly rate may be replaced by a fixed rate.

The costs cover all expenses incurred when handling any case (opening and closure of the file, typing, registered letters, faxes, telephone calls, photocopies, out-of-office visits, meetings, etc.) and the expenses incurred on behalf of the client (bailiff, experts, court fees, translations, etc.) .

As is customary, a demand for an advance and/or interim payment for costs and fees may be made. An advance is the amount paid by the client to the lawyer before a final statement of expenses and fees. Any advances already paid will be deducted from the final statement of expenses and fees. An interim bill details the costs and fees for all expenses incurred and services provided for any case during a given period of time.

The terms for services provided by SYBARIUS are agreed with the client at the beginning of each case and are confirmed in writing.

SYBARIUS informs its clients of the implications of the law of 21 April 2007 relating to the recovery of lawyers' fees and costs (reimbursement of lawyers' charges incurred during legal action).